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Novel Synopsis

Hollywood New Times film critic Ryan Hackbart is whisked down the red carpet at the

Cannes Film Festival, dragged in by the French National Police as a suspect in the

murder of the lead actress of the festival’s opening-night film. Interrogated but released,

Ryan is still considered a prime suspect. His passport confiscated, and now hounded by

the world media, Ryan’s movie-mind clues him that he is the fall guy in a Hitchcock-like

thriller – he must solve the murder before the culprit kills him or the police arrest him.

Ryan’s investigation thrusts him into the underbelly of the most glamorous film festival

in the world; it opens his eyes to the squalor beneath Cannes’ red carpet. He’s engulfed

by a lethal mix of criminals, celebrity, high-fashion, fake news, Russian billionaires and

ruthless wannabees. With the clock ticking and the festival overwhelming him on all

sides, he’s aided and a-bedded by Delisha, a Victoria’s Secret model. Together, their

escapades, bravery and banter in solving the murder and surviving the festival recall

Nick and Nora in the classic romantic mystery series, The Thin Man.